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Domenico Dolce's Quotes

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Born: 1958-09-13
Profession: Designer
Nation: Italian
Biography of Domenico Dolce

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I clear my wardrobe of anything I'm not wearing and give the clothes to charity.

Tags: Charity, Clear, Give

The worst times can be the best if you think with positive energy.

Tags: Best, Energy, Positive

At the beginning of the career is important for a designer to present his most representative pieces.

Tags: Beginning, Career, Present

Do I make fashion mistakes? Yes, but I won't say what.

Tags: Fashion, Mistakes, Won

For all Italian people, family is very important. We don't fight with our families.

Tags: Families, Family, Fight

I want to dance. I want to live.

Tags: Dance

I'm a very curious person.

Tags: Curious

I'm obsessed with jackets.

Tags: Jackets, Obsessed

If you open my wardrobe, it's very boring.

Tags: Boring, Open, Wardrobe

It is not necessary to be too avant-garde, because you risk not being understood.

Tags: Necessary, Risk, Understood

Some people accuse the new generation of being ignorant, maybe ignorant for the old generation, but it's a new language.

Tags: Ignorant, Language, Old

You need to be ahead of the game just enough so that you can have what people want in the shops when they want it.

Tags: Enough, Game

My mum was very conscious about fashion and my dad was born into the tailoring tradition, so fashion has always been my life, although now, really, I wear the same thing - just in different weights - light and heavy cashmere in winter and cotton in summer.

Tags: Dad, Fashion, Life

Tarots tell different sides of the various personalities that exist in all of us. I find it fascinating how they combine names, images, and numbers. You don't need to be able to read them, or know their real meaning, to be charmed.

Tags: Able, Real, Tell

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