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Edie McClurg's Quotes

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Born: 1951-07-23
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Edie McClurg

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Continue to study and learn new skills.

Tags: Continue, Learn, Study

Self-doubt kills talent.

Tags: Talent

Acting isn't a singular profession, it is a collaborate profession.

Tags: Acting, Profession, Singular

Don't stink up the place with bad acting, if an opportunity comes your way.

Tags: Acting, Bad, Place

I had to give myself permission to act, then others agreed.

Tags: Act, Give, Others

John Hughes loved improvisers.

Tags: Hughes, John, Loved

Regarding 'Ferris Bueller,' I was in the Czech Republic once, in Prague, making a movie at the same time as Jeffrey Jones, who played the principal, who was making a different movie. The Super Bowl was going to be playing at this bar at midnight, so we decided we would go watch the Super Bowl at this bar at midnight in Prague together.

Tags: Once, Time, Together

I'm envious of actors. You shoot a movie or you do a season of 'Big Love,' and then you're on hiatus and you have a bunch of free time.

Tags: Free, Love, Time

It's hard separating work from personal life.

Tags: Hard, Life, Work

There are just so many young designers now.

Tags: Designers, Young

You can always plan where you think your life is going to go but I don't think you can really plan your future.

Tags: Future, Life, Plan
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