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Employment Quotes

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I am afraid that the pleasantness of an employment does not always evince its propriety.

Tags: Afraid, Propriety  ✍ Author: Jane Austen

When you create more small businesses, you create small entrepreneurship. Out of that comes self-determination and employment.

Tags: Create, Small  ✍ Author: Jesse Jackson

We must confront our own racism. Discriminatory housing and employment policies are nothing more than institutionalised racism.

Tags: Confront, Racism  ✍ Author: Tariq Ramadan

Praise now is one of the great duties of the redeemed. It will be their employment for ever.

Tags: Great, Praise  ✍ Author: Thomas John Barnardo

Liberals say we should end employment discrimination. I say we should end employment.

Tags: End, Liberals  ✍ Author: Bob Black

If we guarantee employment for some, we jeopardize employment for everyone.

Tags: Everyone, Guarantee  ✍ Author: Lena Dunham

Could a man live by it, it were not unpleasant employment to be a poet.

Tags: Poet, Unpleasant  ✍ Author: Oliver Goldsmith

Writing is self employment, so you can make your own schedule.

Tags: Self, Writing  ✍ Author: Lois Lowry

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