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Farming Quotes

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Writing is conscience, scruple, and the farming of our ancestors.

Tags: Conscience, Writing  ✍ Author: Edward Dahlberg

The trouble with energy farming is that the energy isn't always where you want to use it, and it isn't always when you want to use it.

Tags: Energy, Trouble  ✍ Author: Bill Gates

I don't like to see animals in pain. That was very uncomfortable to me. I don't like factory farming. I'm not an advocate for the meat industry.

Tags: Industry, Pain  ✍ Author: Anthony Bourdain

The more exposure people have to the realities of factory farming, the more we will see people rejecting it. It's already happening.

Tags: Factory, Happening  ✍ Author: Jonathan Safran Foer

What I loathe is the multi-national conglomerates who must take responsibility for the degradation and pollution of so much of our landscape with their factory farming and greed.

Tags: Greed, Pollution  ✍ Author: Fay Godwin

So organic farming practices are something that, to me, are interlinked with the idea of using biodiesel.

Tags: Idea, Using  ✍ Author: Daryl Hannah

Man, Farmville is so huge! Do you realize it's the second-biggest browser-based social-networking-centered farming game in the world?

Tags: Game, Realize  ✍ Author: Randall Munroe

Factory farming's evil; you know that.

Tags: Evil, Factory  ✍ Author: Kelly Ripa

Farming implements are as cheap in Sydney as in England.

Tags: Cheap, England  ✍ Author: Charles Sturt

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