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Fiancee Quotes

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My fiancee and I recently eloped. We went on a fabulous honeymoon to Europe, and I was able to see and do everything I wanted without worrying about taking it easy.

Tags: Able, Easy, Wanted  ✍ Author: Lee Majors

In the next shot the cameras zoomed to the fiancee who noticed the lights in the Czarina's room go out and the camera then turned to the pond where two goldfish were making love.

Tags: Love, Making, Next  ✍ Author: Pola Negri

I'd like to think that I'm getting slightly more mature as time goes on, but I don't know if my fiancee would necessarily agree.

Tags: Getting, Goes, Time  ✍ Author: Chris O\'Dowd

There are a couple of strategies for writing about an absence or writing about a loss. One can create the person that was lost, develop the character of the fiancee. There's another strategy that one can employ, maybe riskier... Make the reader suffer the loss of the character in a more literal way.

Tags: Character, Lost, Writing  ✍ Author: Junot Diaz

I hope somebody falls in love with me - other than my fiancee. But that's what you want. As a player you want a team that really wants you; head coach, GM, owner, everybody that really wants you in their place and the players believe in you. I'm looking forward to making somebody fall in love with me.

Tags: Forward, Hope, Love  ✍ Author: Robert Griffin III

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