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French Fries Quotes

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I was ecstatic they re-named 'French Fries' as 'Freedom Fries'. Grown men and women in positions of power in the U.S. government showing themselves as idiots.

Tags: Men, Power, Women  ✍ Author: Johnny Depp

One night I was driving and so infatuated with dipping French fries into my milk shake that I drove right through a stop sign. The cop who pulled me over had no mercy.

Tags: Mercy, Night, Stop  ✍ Author: Arielle Kebbel

I love chicken fingers, I love French fries. I love desserts. I'm not just into dessert or just into savoury food. I love it all. I'm a pig. I love food. So it takes a lot of discipline to eat healthy.

Tags: Discipline, Food, Love  ✍ Author: Holly Madison

I like food too much to go on some crazy diet. French fries are my favorite downfall.

Tags: Crazy, Diet, Food  ✍ Author: Holly Madison

I like to talk about my obsession with french fries because I don't want people to think that 'Let's Move' is about complete, utter deprivation. It's about moderation and real-life changes and ideas that really work for families.

Tags: Ideas, Talk, Work  ✍ Author: Michelle Obama

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