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Gary Johnson's Quotes

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Born: 1953-01-01
Profession: Politician
Nation: American
Biography of Gary Johnson

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My next-door neighbor's two dogs have created more shovel-ready jobs than this current administration.

Tags: Dogs, Jobs, Neighbor

I'm finding myself really angry over spending and the deficit. I'm finding myself really angry over what's happening in the Middle East, the decision to stay in Afghanistan indefinitely. I'm angry about cap and trade. And I've been on record for a long time on the failed war on drugs.

Tags: Angry, Time, War

This country would be a better place to live in if all the resources we currently put toward criminalizing marijuana were instead spent by law enforcement on protection from real crime, as opposed to victimless crime.

Tags: Country, Law, Real

I don't smoke marijuana anymore. I don't drink. Marijuana is a handicap. So is alcohol. Alcohol is a terrible handicap. But in spite of being a handicap, it shouldn't be criminal.

Tags: Alcohol, Drink, Terrible

Balance the federal budget now, not 15 years from now, not 20 years from now, but now. And throw out the entire federal tax system, replace it with a fair tax, a consumption tax, that by all measurements is just that. It's fair.

Tags: Balance, Fair, System

We're on the verge of a financial collapse unless we balance the budget, and that means some really, really tough decisions.

Tags: Decisions, Means, Tough

I had a 'Mr. Smith Goes to Washington' experience as governor.

Tags: Experience, Goes, Washington

I think libertarians need somebody who can articulate getting from A to Z. But you know, if G is achievable, how about it? Let's get there!

Tags: Articulate, Getting, Somebody

I'm absolutely a Ron Paul fan.

Tags: Absolutely, Fan, Paul

Immigration is a good thing. We should make that as easy as possible.

Tags: Easy, Good, Possible

It's not 2038 that Social Security is bankrupt. It's now.

Tags: Bankrupt, Security, Social

Regardless of my legislation, spending has to be stopped.

Tags: Regardless, Spending, Stopped

Regardless of who wins, an election should be a time for optimism and fresh approaches.

Tags: Election, Optimism, Time

The excitement right now is coming from the Liberty movement. And the Republicans want a piece of it.

Tags: Coming, Excitement, Liberty

The voice of the Republican party is up for grabs. It's a contest right now.

Tags: Party, Republican, Voice

As I told the students every time I visited a campus, you are the director of your own movie, and if you aren't enjoying what you are doing, change it.

Tags: Change, Movie, Time

I hope that people will see that we don't have to sit by the sidelines and watch as the two major parties limit their choices to slightly different flavors of the status quo. It is, in fact, possible to join the fray, stand up for principles and offer a real alternative.

Tags: Fact, Hope, Real

It is clear from the reaction to our campaign so far that our message is resonating. I look forward to continuing to take this message to all Americans, and showing them that I can be as successful running the country as I was running the state of New Mexico.

Tags: Country, Forward, Successful

The current prohibition laws are forcing drug disputes to be played out with guns in our streets. We need to put a stop to this criminal drug element in our country.

Tags: Country, Put, Stop

Tonight was a great opportunity to take on the political status quo that has given us trillion dollar deficits and put millions out of work. Our objective was to inject some common sense into the conversation among Republicans at a time when business-as-usual simply won't work.

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