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Gordon Gould's Quotes

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Born: 1920-07-17
Profession: Physicist
Nation: American
Biography of Gordon Gould

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But certainly the laser proved to be what I realized it was going to be. At that moment in my life I was too ignorant in business law to be able to do it right, and if I did it over again probably the same damn thing would happen.

Tags: Business, Happen, Life

I would have had my patent long, long ago, and it would have run out long, long ago. I would have made, maybe, $100.000, much less that the patent has brought me now.

Tags: Less, Maybe, Run

Just think, if I had understood my lawyer and if he and I had communicated properly in January 1958, this whole history would have been entirely different .

Tags: History, Lawyer, Whole

That attitude does not exist so much today, but in those days there was a very sharp distinction between basic physics and applied physics. Columbia did not deal with applied physics.

Tags: Attitude, Between, Today

The real technical problems came because people working on the project didn't really follow my proposal at all, but set out to do other things instead of making a laser.

Tags: Problems, Real, Working

There was a second problem that was still not a technical problem... the project became classified. I couldn't work on it after having gone to all that trouble. I was considered a security risk, so I could not get a clearance.

Tags: After, Problem, Work

Commercials on television are similar to sex and taxes; the more talk there is about them, the less likely they are to be curbed.

Tags: Less, Sex, Talk

I can hire one-half of the working class to kill the other half.

Tags: Class, Half, Working

One does not allow the plumbers to decide the temperature, depth and timing of a bath.

Tags: Decide, Depth, Timing

There is something supremely reassuring about television; the worst is always yet to come.

Tags: Reassuring, Television, Worst
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