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Harsh Reality Quotes

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Mixing humour and harsh reality is a very human behaviour, it's the way people stay sane in their daily lives.

Tags: Daily, Human, Reality  ✍ Author: Jorge Garcia

A harsh reality of newspaper editing is that the deadlines don't allow for the polish that you expect in books or even magazines.

Tags: Books, Expect, Reality  ✍ Author: Bill Walsh

The cold harsh reality is that we have to balance the budget.

Tags: Balance, Cold, Reality  ✍ Author: Michael Bloomberg

Hurricane Katrina exposed the harsh reality that we have been skating on thin ice when it comes to this country's energy concentrations on the Gulf Coast.

Tags: Country, Energy, Reality  ✍ Author: Pete Domenici

Until I read Anne Frank's diary, I had found books a literal escape from what could be the harsh reality around me. After I read the diary, I had a fresh way of viewing the both literature and the world. From then on, I found I was impatient with books that were not honest or that were trivial and frivolous.

Tags: After, Honest, Reality  ✍ Author: Robert Fulghum

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Harsh Reality quote #2
Harsh Reality quote #2
Harsh Reality quote #2
Harsh Reality quote #2
Harsh Reality quote #2

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