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Heavy Metal Quotes

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They credited us with the birth of that sort of heavy metal thing. Well, if that's the case, there should be an immediate abortion.

Tags: Abortion, Birth, Metal  ✍ Author: Ginger Baker

I was looking for something a lot heavier, yet melodic at the same time. Something different from heavy metal, a different attitude.

Tags: Attitude, Looking, Time  ✍ Author: Kurt Cobain

Guitar Player Magazine says Dick Dale is the father of Heavy Metal, blowing up 48 amplifiers, creating the first power amplifier.

Tags: Father, Guitar, Power  ✍ Author: Dick Dale

To some people heavy metal is Motorhead and to others it's Judas Priest.

Tags: Heavy, Metal, Others  ✍ Author: Glenn Danzig

Why would heavy metal ever go away?

Tags: Away, Metal, Why  ✍ Author: Scott Ian

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Heavy Metal quote #2
Heavy Metal quote #2
Heavy Metal quote #2
Heavy Metal quote #2
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