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The most difficult part of any crime novel is the plotting. It all begins simply enough, but soon you're dealing with a multitude of linked characters, strands, themes and red herrings - and you need to try to control these unruly elements and weave them into a pattern.

Tags: Control, Enough, Try  ✍ Author: Ian Rankin

Her name was called Lady Helena Herring and her age was 25 and she mated well with the earl.

Tags: Age, Her, She  ✍ Author: Daisy Ashford

The Arabs could have peace tomorrow if sufficient numbers of Palestinians were not content to be used as cannon fodder in fruitless assaults on Israel, even as the surrounding Arab powers distract the Arab masses with the red herring of Israel while retarding their countries with their repression and corruption.

Tags: Corruption, Peace, Tomorrow  ✍ Author: Conrad Black

How like herrings and onions our vices are in the morning after we have committed them.

Tags: After, Committed, Morning  ✍ Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

When I was nine years old, I wrote a short story called 'How to Build a Snowman,' from which no practical snowperson-crafting techniques could be gleaned. The story was an assignment for class and it featured a series of careful but meaningless instructions. Of course, the building of the snowman was a red herring.

Tags: Old, Short, Story  ✍ Author: Sloane Crosley

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