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Hidetoshi Nakata's Quotes

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Born: 1977-01-22
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Japanese
Biography of Hidetoshi Nakata

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The biggest lesson I've learned by living abroad for the last four years is the importance of communication.

Tags: Last, Learned, Living

I notice that teams are now more interested in Japanese players than when I first went to Europe.

Tags: Europe, Interested, Players

I will never again stand on the pitch as a professional player. But I won't stop playing the game.

Tags: Again, Game, Playing

Living in Europe, I was surprised to find out just how little everyone knows about Japan.

Tags: Everyone, Knows, Living

As a professional athlete, I believe that I need to explore my opportunities to the maximum, in order to excel and continue to play the best football I can.

Tags: Best, Football, Order

I think that the World Cup is a big factor for this increased interest. I don't believe all of this is a result of just myself but also because of the others who are playing abroad.

Tags: Big, Others, Playing

We had only snacks last time, I think it was OK for a day time menu. But this time it will be late night when people gather so we should add some proper meals.

Tags: Last, Night, Time
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Hidetoshi Nakata's quote #3
Hidetoshi Nakata's quote #3
Hidetoshi Nakata's quote #3
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