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Horrible Quotes

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I prefer to say that I am a beautiful person. But the addict is a horrible person.

Tags: Addict, Beautiful  ✍ Author: Daniel Baldwin

Being worshipped is a horrible experience.

Tags: Experience, Worshipped  ✍ Author: John Fahey

I've always had horrible Valentine's Days.

Tags: Days, Valentine  ✍ Author: Rebecca Hall

Sometimes, I wake up and the skies are grey and everything's horrible.

Tags: Sometimes, Wake  ✍ Author: Patricia Kaas

I've never contended that I had a really horrible life.

Tags: Life  ✍ Author: Mary Karr

War is horrible because it strangles youth.

Tags: War, Youth  ✍ Author: Philip Kearny

You know, as director of the CIA, I got an awful lot of intelligence about all the horrible things that could go on across the world.

Tags: Awful, Director  ✍ Author: Leon Panetta

I became insane, with long intervals of horrible sanity.

Tags: Insane, Sanity  ✍ Author: Edgar Allan Poe

The PoWs went through something so horrible, you don't know who's coming back.

Tags: Coming, Pows  ✍ Author: John Raese

Maybe I'm ego-tripping, but I don't find myself a particularly horrible person, so I don't think I need to hold back anything I think or feel.

Tags: Hold, Maybe  ✍ Author: Henry Rollins

I have this horrible, horrible habit of going on YouTube and checking out comments about what I do.

Tags: Comments, Habit  ✍ Author: Rufus Wainwright

I am what I am and I'm a horrible liar. I can't do it. I'm just very candid.

Tags: Candid, Liar  ✍ Author: Pamela Anderson

I tend to not really care for re-makes in general. Mainly they are horrible.

Tags: Care, General  ✍ Author: Curtis Armstrong

I still have horrible luck with girls.

Tags: Luck  ✍ Author: Joan Bennett

I'm a horrible romantic!

Tags: Romantic  ✍ Author: Jamie Campbell Bower

To contemplate war is to think about the most horrible of human experiences.

Tags: Human, War  ✍ Author: Robert Byrd

I was a horrible student.

Tags: Student  ✍ Author: Adam Carolla

The main thing that I learned from my horrible job experiences was how horrible they were.

Tags: Job, Learned  ✍ Author: Adam Carolla

No, I'm a horrible singer, I'm awful.

Tags: Awful, Singer  ✍ Author: Charisma Carpenter

It's a horrible thing to realize what you've done.

Tags: Done, Realize  ✍ Author: Mark David Chapman

I tell the most horrible jokes.

Tags: Jokes, Tell  ✍ Author: Emmanuelle Chriqui

I'm a horrible public speaker.

Tags: Public, Speaker  ✍ Author: Bill Condon

Technology favors horrible people.

Tags: Favors, Technology  ✍ Author: Doug Coupland

Botox? I think it's fantastic and also horrible.

Tags: Botox, Fantastic  ✍ Author: Courteney Cox

I'm a former bulimic myself and it's a horrible, horrible addiction.

Tags: Addiction, Former  ✍ Author: Janice Dickinson

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Justice is horrible.

Tags: Justice  ✍ Author: Friedrich Durrenmatt

Horrible things happen, but were they horrible? No, they were just circumstances of the world.

Tags: Happen  ✍ Author: Brendan Fraser

Everything's very perfectly balanced; for all the horrible things in the world there's lots of good things.

Tags: Good, Lots  ✍ Author: John Frusciante

Most people are telling me I look horrible.

Tags: Telling  ✍ Author: Melanie Griffith

The real world is horrible.

Tags: Real  ✍ Author: Lev Grossman

I was in two very horrible bands.

Tags: Bands  ✍ Author: Colin Hanks

I'm super organized, but a horrible house cleaner.

Tags: House, Super  ✍ Author: Angie Harmon

Do you know, a horrible thing has happened to me. I have begun to doubt Tennyson.

Tags: Doubt, Happened  ✍ Author: Gerard Manley Hopkins

I'm no good with chords. I'm horrible with chords.

Tags: Chords, Good  ✍ Author: B. B. King

I'm not a matchmaker. I'm a horrible matchmaker. I always try. I'm not very good.

Tags: Good, Try  ✍ Author: Eva Longoria

As long as my body holds out, I'll be grooving when I'm 70, and not some sort of horrible spectacle.

Tags: Body, Holds  ✍ Author: Nick Lowe

I'm nihilistic, antagonistic, violent, horrible - but not obliterated, yet. I just refuse to be beaten down. I think it's stubborness that keeps me going.

Tags: Refuse, Violent  ✍ Author: Lydia Lunch

I'm okay with having horrible lower teeth.

Tags: Okay, Teeth  ✍ Author: Katy Perry

I feel like 'CSI: Miami' was just a license to do all sorts of horrible things that I'd always wanted to do.

Tags: Miami, Wanted  ✍ Author: Emily Procter

Cancer is just a horrible disease.

Tags: Cancer, Disease  ✍ Author: Kevin Richardson

I can think of endless horrible things to do to people!

Tags: Endless  ✍ Author: Eli Roth

It's a repressive society where you can't be horrible, I'm not horrible, they made me horrible, I'm just honest.

Tags: Honest, Society  ✍ Author: Johnny Rotten

Losing a child is probably the singular most horrible thing.

Tags: Child, Losing  ✍ Author: Laura Schlessinger

Hollywood is horrible... it's beyond satire.

Tags: Beyond, Hollywood  ✍ Author: Yahoo Serious

I was a horrible limo driver: I ran out of gas with passengers in the back and I used to get lost on a regular basis.

Tags: Lost, Used  ✍ Author: John Slattery

Panic is a horrible thing.

Tags: Panic  ✍ Author: Jaclyn Smith

Is your remarkably sexist drivel intentional, or just some horrible mistake?

Tags: Mistake, Sexist  ✍ Author: Yeardley Smith

And if you're horrible to me I'm going to write a song about you and you are not going to like it. That's how I operate.

Tags: Song, Write  ✍ Author: Taylor Swift

I was very lost as a teenager. Which is a horrible way to feel.

Tags: Lost, Teenager  ✍ Author: Kristin Scott Thomas

Even one death is horrible.

Tags: Death  ✍ Author: Virgil Thomson

I'm horrible at remembering names, embarrassingly bad.

Tags: Bad, Names  ✍ Author: Sam Trammell

As horrible as jail was, there were some first-rate guys in there.

Tags: Guys, Jail  ✍ Author: Scott Weiland

Death is a monster; death is horrible.

Tags: Death, Monster  ✍ Author: N. T. Wright