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Iris Dement's Quotes

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Born: 1961-01-05
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Iris Dement

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And I've been walking 'round with memories way too long.

Tags: Memories, Round, Walking

I don't describe myself as a Christian or religious, but I like to think that how I live my life is honest.

Tags: Christian, Honest, Life

Maybe I spent more time dwelling on emotions than some people, and maybe that's why I ended up writing.

Tags: Time, Why, Writing

For a long time I was interested in being a social worker. In a lot of ways I feel that that's all my music is, trying to help people.

Tags: Help, Music, Time

I don't know what other people are like, I haven't been able to crawl inside anybody else.

Tags: Able, Anybody, Else

I honestly don't listen to a lot of music - I spend so much time working at my own music.

Tags: Music, Time, Working

I never set out to write songs about the world around me... it just kind of came about as a result of paying more attention to things.

Tags: Attention, Result, Write

I was mainly influenced by the Carter Family, Jimmie Rodgers, Loretta Lynn, Merle Haggard, and others like Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash.

Tags: Family, Influenced, Others

I've always been aware of having feelings that were pretty intense at times. I imagine most people have had that, or they wouldn't be human.

Tags: Feelings, Human, Pretty

I've always written about things that cause me to feel something.

Tags: Cause, Written

If something bothers me, it bothers me for a long time until I find a way to work it out. Music provided me with a means of working things out.

Tags: Music, Time, Work

Making the record was tons of fun, the most fun I've ever had.

Tags: Fun, Making, Tons

Most of the music you hear on the radio today is developed for making money. It doesn't feel true or honest. You can feel it in the music.

Tags: Money, Music, Today

My guitar is really tempermental. I don't give up on it though, I'm close to my guitar!

Tags: Give, Guitar, Though

Some guy refuses to fight and we call that the sin, but he's standing up for what he believes in and that seems pretty damned American to me.

Tags: American, Fight, Pretty

This is how it has been since time began: If you want to make something really worthwhile and true, then you have to suffer for it.

Tags: Since, Time, True

Turn off the TV and start digging around for information that's not from a corporation trying to make money.

Tags: Money, Start, Trying

Writing, overall, has never been what I'd call fun. It's fulfilling. It doesn't come real easy for me.

Tags: Fun, Real, Writing

Vengeance is not the point; change is. But the trouble is that in most people's minds the thought of victory and the thought of punishing the enemy coincide.

Tags: Change, Enemy, Thought

The longer we listen to one another - with real attention - the more commonality we will find in all our lives. That is, if we are careful to exchange with one another life stories and not simply opinions.

Tags: Another, Life, Real

People who attack others need rationalizations for doing so. We undermine those rationalizations.

Tags: Attack, Others, Undermine

All prisons that have existed in our society to date put people away as no human being should ever be put away.

Tags: Human, Put, Society

Nonviolent action does not have to get others to be nice. It can in effect force them to consult their consciences.

Tags: Action, Nice, Others
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Nonviolent tactics can move into action on our behalf men not naturally inclined to act for us.

Tags: Act, Action, Men

Punishment cannot heal spirits, can only break them.

Tags: Break, Cannot, Punishment

The injunction that we should love our neighbors as ourselves means to us equally that we should love ourselves as we love our neighbors.

Tags: Love, Means, Ourselves

There should be no censorship of mail.

Tags: Censorship, Mail

Think first of the action that is right to take, think later about coping with one's fears.

Tags: Action, Fears, Later

This is the heart of my argument: We can put more pressure on the antagonist for whom we show human concern.

Tags: Heart, Human, Put

After the revolution, it might very well remain necessary to place people where they could not do harm to others. But the one under restraint should be cut off from the rest of society as little as possible.

Tags: After, Revolution, Society

After the revolution, let us hope, prisons simply would not exist - if by prisons we mean places that could be experienced by the men and women in them at all as every place that goes by that name now is bound to be experienced.

Tags: Hope, Men, Women

I think the only choice that will enable us to hold to our vision... is one that abandons the concept of naming enemies and adopts a concept familiar to the nonviolent tradition: naming behavior that is oppressive.

Tags: Behavior, Choice, Vision

Of course it can be said of jails, too, that they try - by punishing the troublesome - to deter others. No doubt, in certain instances this deterrence actually works. But generally speaking it fails conspicuously.

Tags: Doubt, Others, Try

Our task, of course, is to transmute the anger that is affliction into the anger that is determination to bring about change. I think, in fact, that one could give that as a definition of revolution.

Tags: Anger, Change, Revolution

The free man must be born before freedom can be won, and the brotherly man must be born before full brotherhood can be won. It will come into being only if we build it out of our very muscle and bone - by trying to act it out.

Tags: Free, Freedom, Trying

The point is to change one's life. The point is not to give some vent to the emotions that have been destroying one; the point is so to act that one can master them now.

Tags: Change, Give, Life

To resort to power one need not be violent, and to speak to conscience one need not be meek. The most effective action both resorts to power and engages conscience.

Tags: Conscience, Power, Speak

We believe, in fact, that the one act of respect has little force unless matched by the other - in balance with it... The acting out of that dual respect I would name as precisely the source of our power.

Tags: Acting, Power, Respect

We learn best to listen to our own voices if we are listening at the same time to other women - whose stories, for all our differences, turn out, if we listen well, to be our stories also.

Tags: Best, Time, Women