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Jazz Singer Quotes

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My mother is a singer, still performs today; she's a jazz singer.

Tags: Mother, She, Today  ✍ Author: Armie Hammer

I have a fondness for jazz, particularly for jazz singers, Billie Holiday and Ella Fitzgerald all the way through the Sinatra era.

Tags: Era, Holiday, Jazz  ✍ Author: Bob Iger

Possibly, I should have been a jazz singer from the beginning.

Tags: Beginning, Jazz, Singer  ✍ Author: Rita Coolidge

I love Ray Charles. He can still teach everybody a lot about how to make great music. Not necessarily how to make hits, but how to make great music. Of course, part of it is his incredible talent. Who are the greatest jazz singers in the world? Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and Ray Charles.

Tags: Great, Love, Music  ✍ Author: Thomas Erskine

I listened to Billie Holiday a lot in order to learn to sing. She remains one of the extraordinary jazz singers. But my intent is to become my own voice, to be able to interpret these songs in my own way.

Tags: Able, Become, Learn  ✍ Author: Roger Peyrefitte

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Jazz Singer quote #2
Jazz Singer quote #2
Jazz Singer quote #2
Jazz Singer quote #2
Jazz Singer quote #2

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