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Jeanne Moreau's Quotes

Jeanne Moreau profile photo

Born: 1928-01-23
Profession: Actress
Nation: French
Biography of Jeanne Moreau

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As a matter of principle, I always come to a film like a blank slate, I don't learn my lines in advance. With this approach, I feel clean.

Tags: Film, Learn, Matter

Being an actress is to be in tune with the fantasies of a man. What woman never dreamt of that?

Tags: Actress, Tune, Woman

Characters who are on screen from start to finish are not necessarily the ones who have the greatest impact.

Tags: Characters, Greatest, Start

Death is an absolute mystery. We are all vulnerable to it, it's what makes life interesting and suspenseful.

Tags: Death, Life, Makes

During rehearsals I am confronted by things very mysterious. I have terrific fights with inner demons, and it's more painful than it ever was.

Tags: Demons, Mysterious, Painful

I am a woman with absolutely no sense of nostalgia.

Tags: Nostalgia, Sense, Woman

I can be intimidating, but not within the confines of a film shoot.

Tags: Confines, Film, Within

I don't like going where I've already been. Life is a myriad of territories to discover. I don't want to waste time with what I already know.

Tags: Life, Time, Waste

I don't like the idea of separating life and work. That notion seems dated and a bit alien to me.

Tags: Idea, Life, Work

I have no doubt who I am.

Tags: Doubt

I'm always amazed when young women who are having babies want their husbands to watch the babies come out. I would never allow anything like that.

Tags: Watch, Women, Young

I've never worried about age.

Tags: Age, Worried

If you're extremely, painfully frightened of age, it shows.

Tags: Age, Frightened, Shows

It's dangerous to assert oneself.

Tags: Assert, Dangerous, Oneself

It's just as idiotic to say there is no life after death as it is to say there is one.

Tags: After, Death, Life

It's like climbing a staircase. I'm on the top of the staircase, I look behind me and I see the steps. That's where I was.

Tags: Behind, Steps, Top

Knowing how to die is knowing how to live. What is death anyway? It's the outcome of life.

Tags: Death, Die, Life

Life doesn't end at 30.

Tags: End, Life

Living is risking.

Tags: Living, Risking

Making films is no longer a way of acting, it is a way of life.

Tags: Acting, Life, Making

My face has changed with the years and has enough history in it to give audiences something to work with.

Tags: Give, History, Work

My life is very exciting now.

Tags: Exciting, Life

One thing you have to give up is attaching importance to what people see in you.

Tags: Attaching, Give, Importance

People's opinions don't interfere with me.

Tags: Interfere, Opinions

Some children I have met are very beautiful. Some children are imbeciles, vulgar, terrible.

Tags: Beautiful, Children, Terrible

Some people are addicts. If they don't act, they don't exist.

Tags: Act, Exist
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Sometimes the directors were afraid of what they brought out of me.

Tags: Afraid, Directors, Sometimes

The cliche is that life is a mountain. You go up, reach the top and then go down.

Tags: Life, Reach, Top

The life you had is nothing. It is the life you have that is important.

Tags: Life

To give a character life in a short space of time, it helps if you arrive on screen with a past.

Tags: Character, Life, Time

To give and receive love, you have to be in touch with pain, you have to be capable of provoking it and feeling it.

Tags: Feeling, Love, Pain

To me age is a number, just a number. Who cares?

Tags: Age, Cares, Number

Usually when a woman is 60, it's over.

Tags: Woman

We have so many words for states of the mind, and so few for states of the body.

Tags: Few, Mind, Words

When Tony was madly in love with me, his relationship with Vanessa Redgrave was ending.

Tags: Ending, Love, Madly

When you live under the power of terror and segregation, you can't ever start a work of art.

Tags: Art, Power, Work

You don't have to be a wreck. You don't have to be sick. One's aim in life should be to die in good health. Just like a candle that burns out.

Tags: Good, Health, Life

I am subject to very powerful lows. When you have highs, you have terrible lows. When you pinpoint that you are responsible for everything that happens to you, it is very frightening.

Tags: Happens, Powerful, Terrible

I think more and more people want to live alone. You can be a couple without being in each other's pockets. I don't see why you have to share the same bathroom.

Tags: Alone, Share, Why

I don't think success is harmful, as so many people say. Rather, I believe it indispensable to talent, if for nothing else than to increase the talent.

Tags: Else, Rather, Success

I gradually work myself into a frenzy as the shoot approaches, while we're choosing the costumes or working with the make-up artist. I'm not so much interested in my character as the film itself.

Tags: Character, Work, Working

Life is given to you like a flat piece of land and everything has to be done. I hope that when I am finished, my piece of land will be a beautiful garden, so there is a lot of work.

Tags: Hope, Life, Work

People's opinions don't interfere with me. Ageing gracefully is supposed to mean trying not to hide time passing and just looking a wreck. That's what they call ageing gracefully. You know?

Tags: Mean, Time, Trying

What is amazing for a woman of my age is that I change as the world is changing-and changing very, very fast. I don't think my mother had that opportunity to change.

Tags: Age, Amazing, Change

When I'm acting, I'm two beings. There's the one monitoring the distance between myself and the camera, making sure I hit my marks, and there is the one driven by this inner fire, this delicious fear.

Tags: Acting, Fear, Fire

I can't belong to groups. I've tried. I behave normally, but people don't look at me normally.

Tags: Behave, Belong, Tried

My aim in life is not to judge.

Tags: Aim, Judge, Life

Aging gracefully is supposed to mean trying not to hide time passing and just looking a wreck. Don't worry girls, look like a wreck, that's the way it goes.

Tags: Mean, Time, Trying

I don't feel guilt. Whatever I wish to do, I do.

Tags: Guilt, Whatever, Wish

My life is very exciting now. Nostalgia for what? It's like climbing a staircase. I'm on the top of the staircase, I look behind and see the steps. That's where I was. We're here right now. Tomorrow, we'll be someplace else. So why nostalgia?

Tags: Life, Tomorrow, Why

Life is an accomplishment and each moment has a meaning and you must use it.

Tags: Life, Meaning, Moment

To go out with the setting sun on an empty beach is to truly embrace your solitude.

Tags: Empty, Solitude, Sun

If you get trapped in the idea that what is most important is what image of yourself you're giving to the world, you're on a dangerous path.

Tags: Giving, Path, Yourself

Women will not talk about football unless one of them is in love with a football player, and then suddenly you discover that they know everything that is to be known about it.

Tags: Football, Love, Women

I need, absolutely, to be alone.

Tags: Absolutely, Alone

As long as you don't make waves, ripples, life seems easy. But that's condemning yourself to impotence and death before you are dead.

Tags: Death, Life, Yourself

Every night I go over what I did in the day, in ethical or moral terms. Have I treated people properly? Did I tell the truth?

Tags: Night, Tell, Truth

Something pretty... that's just the surface. People worry so much about aging, but you look younger if you don't worry about it.

Tags: Aging, Pretty, Worry

All those vitamins aren't to keep death at bay, they're to keep deterioration at bay.

Tags: Death, Keep, Vitamins

Nostalgia is when you want things to stay the same. I know so many people staying in the same place.

Tags: Nostalgia, Place, Stay

Success is like a liberation or the first phrase of a love story.

Tags: Love, Story, Success

You should not separate your life from what you do.

Tags: Life, Separate

Although for some people cinema means something superficial and glamorous, it is something else. I think it is the mirror of the world.

Tags: Else, Means, Mirror

Beyond the beauty, the sex, the titillation, the surface, there is a human being. And that has to emerge.

Tags: Beauty, Human, Sex

If you want to live your life through to the end, you have to live dangerously.

Tags: End, Life

Some gods may cross your path, but why should gods be beautiful? They could also be frightening.

Tags: Beautiful, May, Why

I work more now because at this time of my life I am not disturbed from my aim by outside pressures such as family, passionate relationships, dealing with 'who am I?' - those complications when one is searching for one's self.

Tags: Family, Life, Work

All fiction becomes autobiographical when the author has true talent.

Tags: Fiction, Talent, True
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