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Jeff Lindsay's Quotes

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Born: 1952-07-14
Profession: Playwright
Nation: American
Biography of Jeff Lindsay

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I try to write as serious as possible, and then a joke slips in.

Tags: Serious, Try, Write

Sociopaths don't have feelings; they can't.

Tags: Feelings

Someone who is not a killer is not going to watch a TV show and decide to be a killer.

Tags: Show, Someone, Watch

We're predators; we don't eat meat because it's handy, we eat meat because we have a taste for blood.

Tags: Blood, Eat, Taste

What my research told me is that a psychopath cannot change. You're born like that.

Tags: Cannot, Change, Research

A single moment spent in a business meeting or at a pub is more than enough to reveal the basic human truth that we are all faking it most of the time. We congratulate a rival on a triumph when actually we are choking on spite. We are cordial and attentive to crashing bores.

Tags: Business, Time, Truth

Everybody believes that capital punishment is wrong, but when they look at certain cases, they're quick to say, 'Put them to death,' or scream 'capital punishment.'

Tags: Death, Put, Wrong

I don't agree with capital punishment as it is now, because too often mistakes are made. But I think that if you eliminate the mistakes, then there are times when it is justified.

Tags: Mistakes, Often, Times

I know a lot of law officers, and every single one of them faces a moment - usually after about three hours on the job - when they realise that there's no connection between law and justice. The law, as an institution, avoids justice, subverts it, just as often as it sees it done.

Tags: Job, Justice, Single

Life would certainly be easier if we all came equipped with our own personal FAQ lists. When we meet someone, we could pass them a business card with the list on the back, and then step back and let them read before we tried to talk.

Tags: Business, Life, Someone

Pretending is the basis of civilised society, and it is sometimes necessary for all of us. Without it we are nothing more than a pack of snarling dogs.

Tags: Pretending, Society, Sometimes
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