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Jennifer Tilly's Quotes

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Born: 1958-09-16
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Jennifer Tilly

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That Hollywood thing, where everybody hugs and kisses everybody else - I always stiffen. It's an assumed familiarity. It's phony.

Tags: Else, Everybody, Hollywood

My mother had all these maxims - like, classy girls never chew gum, never read comic books, never get their ears pierced, never get their hair dyed.

Tags: Hair, Mother, Read

I had a problem with cops pulling me over all the time for speeding. When I was doing Hill Street Blues, the cops said how much they loved the show as they were writing me up; meanwhile my insurance went through the roof.

Tags: Problem, Time, Writing

Everybody knows that love goes away.

Tags: Away, Everybody, Love

Everyone said that if you want to be a real actor, go to New York. If you want to sell out, go to LA. And I thought - I want to sell out!

Tags: Real, Said, Thought

I still haven't made a film that defines who I am.

Tags: Defines, Film

I won $100,000 in Vegas, which buys furniture for my beach house. That takes nerves. You can't think if I'm wrong I'll blow $30,000.

Tags: House, Won, Wrong

I would rather be loved by somebody who respected me.

Tags: Loved, Rather, Somebody

If I was like some of the characters I played, I'd probably be dead by now.

Tags: Characters, Dead, Played

If you have Julia Roberts in a movie you're never really afraid for her because you know she's not going to die.

Tags: Afraid, Die, Her

A way you can get really good abs in film is you get your makeup artist to paint shadows - faux washboard. But if you see me in a movie and I have great abs, it means I have a great body double.

Tags: Good, Great, Means

I have my cards read every time I pass a tarot-reader booth. I would be so embarrassed to have one of those 900 numbers appear on my phone bill, because I don't know how I would explain it to my business manager. It would almost be like saying, 'Okay, I'm white trash.'

Tags: Business, Saying, Time

I have to tell you, I'm not like Demi Moore, where the tears trickle prettily down my cheeks. My whole face screws up and it's like, 'Oh please, get a room.'

Tags: Face, Tell, Whole

I met my boyfriend, a pro poker player, at a tournament. He tried to dissuade me because it's a seedy gritty world. Listen, I've played till 4 in the morning. I've played with a half million dollars on the table.

Tags: Boyfriend, Listen, Morning

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