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Jeremy Thomas's Quotes

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Born: 1949-07-26
Profession: Producer
Nation: British
Biography of Jeremy Thomas

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I don't think anybody came into the movie business to be unoriginal and plagiarising and not having an original idea in their brain.

Tags: Brain, Business, Idea

My advice to American filmmakers is to marry a European. I'm not kidding. Otherwise they don't qualify for international co-production treaties.

Tags: Advice, American, Marry

I'm not a Little Englander. Historically, British people have always been travellers. I look in the world as one place. You have to think in a global sense. Cinema is a global endeavour. My roots are in England but my endeavours are worldwide.

Tags: Place, Roots, Sense

What I'm looking for is a self-promoting film; a movie which immediately gets people's imagination is something I can promote - a project which writes its own publicity.

Tags: Film, Looking, Movie
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Jeremy Thomas's quote #2
Jeremy Thomas's quote #2
Jeremy Thomas's quote #2
Jeremy Thomas's quote #2