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Jesse McCartney's Quotes

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Born: 1987-04-09
Profession: Musician
Nation: American
Biography of Jesse McCartney

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I love a girl that can make me laugh. I am not really a laugh-at-things type of guy and I don't smile and laugh all the time... But if a girl can make me laugh... I'm in love!!!!

Tags: Love, Smile, Time

I like to smile when its natural. I'm not mad or anything. That's my style.

Tags: Mad, Natural, Smile

I used to have six left feet. Now I only have one and a half left feet.

Tags: Half, Left, Used

Music is my way of getting away from everything. It means a lot to me.

Tags: Away, Getting, Music

I still bite my nails.

Tags: Bite, Nails

I'd love to direct, I'd love to produce. I'd love to learn all about it, and being around it all the time certainly helps.

Tags: Learn, Love, Time

If you really want it, you need to really work for it.

Tags: Work

Kids are pretty brutal.

Tags: Brutal, Kids, Pretty

All I watch is the Food Network. I took a cheesemaking class a few weeks ago, and I told my family and friends to only get me kitchen stuff on my birthday. I'm into every kind of cookbook and anything by Anthony Bourdain. I'd love to own a restaurant if I could find the right chef.

Tags: Birthday, Family, Love

Bono is my inspiration - not only as a rock star but as a humanitarian. We aren't just put on this earth to sell records. Maybe it's because of my upbringing, but I do consider myself a moral guy.

Tags: Moral, Put, Rock

I definitely caught a lot of backlash in my situation, not just from students but also from faculty, which was unfortunate, given that I was spending a lot of my time outside school working on a career, which a lot of people didn't really agree with.

Tags: Career, School, Time

I get insecure about a lot of things. In my line of work, unfortunately, your appearance is important, and I'm always like, 'Am I going to the gym enough this month? Have I been taking care of myself?' I get insecure about things from time to time.

Tags: Care, Time, Work

I went to a public high school that had a very small graduating class of 156 students. I lived a relatively normal childhood until I turned probably around 16. Things started to take off career-wise.

Tags: Off, School, Small

I went to school every day, like everyone else, and I played baseball for my high school team. I was a part of a lot of different activities outside of school.

Tags: Baseball, School, Team

We went to church every Sunday. I do think it's my duty to give back. That's why I'm involved with St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital and the Make-a-Wish Foundation.

Tags: Children, Give, Sunday
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