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Jo Durie's Quotes

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Born: 1960-07-27
Profession: Athlete
Nation: British
Biography of Jo Durie

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If you can defend, counter-attack and take the initiative then you become a more dangerous player.

Tags: Become, Dangerous, Player

The British public like a Briton with personality, someone who comes out on court and isn't dour and down on themselves.

Tags: Public, Someone, Themselves

I didn't miss training because it had become so painful for me. I filled the void pretty quickly as I went straight into coaching and it was great; I had to start learning all over again, and then when I went into TV I knew nothing about it so I had to start from the very beginning.

Tags: Great, Learning, Pretty

It's just nice to see people enthusiastic about their tennis and want to learn and improve - for me that's the most important thing - I still love my tennis.

Tags: Learn, Love, Nice

That result at the French was a big break for me. I had been playing quite well up until that point but nobody really expected me to do well on clay - it was my worst surface. I had had some success on the clay but I was a set and a break up in the semi-final against Jausovec and maybe the enormity of the occasion got to me.

Tags: Against, Big, Success

The decision to retire was quite an easy one for me because by that stage my knees were so badly gone. If I had been like Martina Navratilova and my body had let me I would have carried on playing a lot longer.

Tags: Body, Decision, Easy
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Jo Durie's quote #3
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