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Joel Fuhrman's Quotes

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Born: 1953-12-02
Profession: Scientist
Nation: American
Biography of Joel Fuhrman

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Dieting by portion control doesn't work because one is constantly fighting addictive drives.

Tags: Control, Fighting, Work

Eating a high-nutrient diet actually makes you more satisfied with less food, and actually gives the ability to enjoy food more without overeating.

Tags: Diet, Enjoy, Food

Food is really and truly the most effective medicine.

Tags: Food, Medicine, Truly

Healthy people eating healthy food should never need to take an antibiotic.

Tags: Eating, Food, Healthy

If you eat the standard Western diet that most people eat in the modern world, it's quite likely you will develop heart disease.

Tags: Diet, Heart, Quite

The right raw materials can... double or triple the protective power of the immune system.

Tags: Double, Power, System

To provide optimal levels of protective micronutrients, a diet must be vegetable-based, not grain-based.

Tags: Diet, Protective, Provide

We're not going to find a magic cure for cancer. We've got to prevent it.

Tags: Cancer, Cure, Magic

When you eat healthfully, your body gravitates relatively rapidly toward a better weight.

Tags: Body, Eat, Toward

You cannot escape from the biological law of cause and effect - food choices are the most significant cause of disease and premature death.

Tags: Death, Food, Law

Blueberries, strawberries and blackberries are true super foods. Naturally sweet and juicy, berries are low in sugar and high in nutrients - they are among the best foods you can eat.

Tags: Best, Sweet, True

Excess dietary salt is most notorious for increasing blood pressure. Americans have a 90 percent lifetime probability of developing high blood pressure - so even if your blood pressure is normal now, if you continue to eat the typical American diet, you will be at risk.

Tags: American, Diet, High

In the future, it's going to become more and more impossible for the economy to support how expensive medical care is and the number of sick people we have. Why don't we just get our population healthier so we don't need medical care?

Tags: Care, Future, Medical

Reducing dietary salt is not only important for those who already have elevated blood pressure - limiting added salt is essential for all of us to remain in good health.

Tags: Blood, Good, Health

Seeds and nuts are indispensable for cardiovascular health. The protective properties of nuts against coronary heart disease were first recognized in the early 1990s, and a strong body of literature has followed, confirming these original findings.

Tags: Health, Heart, Strong

The human diet, for millions of years, did not contain any added salt - only the sodium present in natural foods, adding up to only about 1000 mg sodium per day.

Tags: Diet, Human, Present

The modern diet is grossly deficient in hundreds of important plant-derived immunity-building compounds which makes us highly vulnerable to viruses, infections and disease.

Tags: Diet, Makes, Modern

We need to take vegetables out of the role of side dish, even in low-fat, vegetarian diets, whose calories are generally derived mainly from grains and other starches.

Tags: Role, Side, Whose
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