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John Sculley's Quotes

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Born: 1939-04-06
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of John Sculley

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We expect teachers to handle teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, and the failings of the family. Then we expect them to educate our children.

Tags: Children, Family, Parenting

The future belongs to those who see possibilities before they become obvious.

Tags: Become, Future, Obvious

I have found that I always learn more from my mistakes than from my successes. If you aren't making some mistakes, you aren't taking enough chances.

Tags: Enough, Learn, Mistakes

If we hadn't put a man on the moon, there wouldn't be a Silicon Valley today.

Tags: Moon, Put, Today

Implementers aren't considered bozos anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Considered

Over the years, I have developed a pretty good Rolodex.

Tags: Good, Pretty

People who take risks are the people you'll lose against.

Tags: Against, Lose, Risks
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John Sculley's quote #3
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