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Jolene Blalock's Quotes

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Born: 1975-03-05
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Jolene Blalock

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The thing I was attracted to as a little girl was Kirk, Bones and Spock, and their utter loyalty. There's nothing more powerful than that.

Tags: Girl, Loyalty, Powerful

Nudity is natural but not until a person accepts and loves who they are.

Tags: Loves, Natural, Until

Spock was the sex symbol. A lot of people think it was Kirk. But, no, it was really Spock.

Tags: Kirk, Sex, Symbol

Surfing is such an amazing concept. You're taking on Nature with a little stick and saying, 'I'm gonna ride you!' And a lot of times Nature says, 'No you're not!' and crashes you to the bottom.

Tags: Amazing, Nature, Saying

Everything I do, I do with reckless abandon.

Tags: Abandon, Reckless

I also like men who have hands with big masculine veins that you can squish and move.

Tags: Big, Men, Move

I didn't have a good childhood because I never could get along with other kids. I was the child that sat in the corner eating lunch by herself.

Tags: Child, Good, Kids

I firmly believe in what Stephen Hawking says - that if we don't get off this planet, we're going to go berserk. We have to have more space.

Tags: Off, Says, Space

I love to work. You want to talk about natural highs? There's nothing like it.

Tags: Love, Talk, Work

I think my parents were high when they named me.

Tags: High, Named, Parents

I was a good surfer because we grew up a block from the water, and my father took us to the ocean the way other fathers take their kids to the park.

Tags: Father, Good, Kids

It's diamonds in your pockets one week, macaroni and cheese the next.

Tags: Cheese, Next, Week

Without my Vulcan cat suit, Frankenstein wig and pointed ears, I don't get recognized. I love the fact I'm a shape shifter who can go unnoticed.

Tags: Cat, Fact, Love

I like men who are very cool but who are also so brilliant that they are almost insane. Sean Penn, Gary Oldman, Bob Dylan, Tom Waits - men who would be flipping burgers if they hadn't found an outlet for their brilliant mind-sets.

Tags: Almost, Cool, Men

It took me several years to figure out who I am and a few more to accept what I discovered. Now, I'm in the enjoyment stage of that process and it's a happy place.

Tags: Accept, Happy, Place
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