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Jonathan Winters's Quotes

Jonathan Winters profile photo

Born: 1925-11-11
Profession: Comedian
Nation: American
Biography of Jonathan Winters

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I couldn't wait for success, so I went ahead without it.

Tags: Success, Wait

Nothing is impossible. Some things are just less likely than others.

Tags: Impossible, Less, Others

Well, the most terrible fear that anybody should have is not war, is not a disease, not cancer or heart problems or food poisoning - it's a man or a woman without a sense of humor.

Tags: Food, Humor, War

If your ship doesn't come in, swim out to it.

Tags: Ship, Swim

Discipline is tough for a guy who is a rebel.

Tags: Discipline, Guy, Tough

I don't do jokes. The characters are my jokes.

Tags: Characters, Jokes

I don't paint every day. I'm not that motivated. I don't do anything the same every day.

Tags: Motivated, Paint

I know you can be funny without being filthy.

Tags: Filthy, Funny

My mother and father were very strange people. They tried to be funny which is always very sad to me.

Tags: Funny, Mother, Sad

My mother had a radio show - a Barbara Walters type of gal and was very successful for about 20-some years on a radio station.

Tags: Mother, Show, Successful

My paintings and comedy have a lot in common. They are both improvisations based on observation.

Tags: Both, Comedy, Common

As a kid, I always wanted to be lots of things. I was a Walter Mitty type. I wanted to be in the French Foreign Legion, a detective, a doctor, a test pilot with a scarf, a fisherman who hauled in a tremendous marlin after a 12-hour fight.

Tags: After, Fight, Wanted

I began painting well before I started doing comedy. In fact, when I came out of the war in 1946, I enrolled in art school in Dayton, Ohio. I painted for three years, and then show business took hold.

Tags: Art, Business, War

I find painting a much slower process than comedy, where you can go a mile a minute verbally and hope to God that some of the people out there understand you.

Tags: God, Hope, Understand

I was always an observer, even as a child. I could be satisfied to sit in a car for 3 hours and just look at the street go by while my mother went shopping.

Tags: Car, Child, Mother

I've done for the most part pretty much what I intended - I ended up doing comedy, writing and painting. I've had a ball. And as I get older, I just become an older kid.

Tags: Done, Pretty, Writing

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