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Kim Clijsters's Quotes

Kim Clijsters profile photo

Born: 1983-06-08
Profession: Athlete
Nation: Belgian
Biography of Kim Clijsters

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These were the moments when I was disappointed and frustrated, when I got so low because it seemed all my hard work had been wasted. But the moments passed, and the motivation to go back to rehab was there again.

Tags: Again, Hard, Work

I said in my mind, 'keep fighting.'

Tags: Fighting, Mind, Said

All my time in rehab has made me appreciate tennis more than ever.

Tags: Appreciate, Tennis, Time

I am happy to have played a match and break the rhythm of daily training.

Tags: Daily, Happy, Training

I have a daughter and a family.

Tags: Daughter, Family

I would love to do well one last time in Melbourne and my dream would be to win Wimbledon and play in the London Olympics.

Tags: Love, Time, Win

I've been practicing for a while now and physically trying to get in better shape as well after the injuries.

Tags: After, Trying, While

I've worked really hard, but it's definitely not been easy.

Tags: Easy, Hard, Worked

It's been a year of many more downs than ups.

Tags: Downs, Ups, Year

Obviously I'm very disappointed. I trained very hard this summer and felt in a good shape to play the U.S. Open.

Tags: Felt, Good, Hard

People get so stressed and nervous and mad.

Tags: Mad, Nervous, Stressed

Physically, I feel extremely well, perhaps fitter than ever.

Tags: Extremely, Perhaps, Physically

So far, and today, everything felt really great. Now I am good to get on the plane and fly to Australia.

Tags: Good, Great, Today

There have been many moments over the last year when I thought it was all over.

Tags: Last, Thought, Year

We have a tough schedule this summer, so I have to plan my schedule wisely if I want to be able to last throughout the season.

Tags: Able, Last, Tough

When I was younger I used to be devastated if I would lose.

Tags: Lose, Used, Younger

I know that I'm going to have to work hard, keep working hard, and not because of this victory think, 'I'm back.' I don't think like that. I'll definitely work hard. Things are not going to be easy. I might lose first round next week. You never know.

Tags: Hard, Work, Working

I'm happy I was able to stick through it and was being very disciplined with what I had to do, because I know eventually hard work will pay off. It's only a matter of now just trying to make sure I get matches under my belt and I feel more and more comfortable playing matches.

Tags: Happy, Hard, Work

It makes you also realize, 'OK, I'm excited to play tennis, and I work really hard to be the best tennis player I think I can be,' but I don't waste my time on stupid stuff, you know what I mean.

Tags: Best, Time, Work
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