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Lauren Hutton's Quotes

Lauren Hutton profile photo

Born: 1944-11-17
Profession: Model
Nation: American
Biography of Lauren Hutton

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We have to be able to grow up. Our wrinkles are our medals of the passage of life. They are what we have been through and who we want to be.

Tags: Able, Birthday, Life

That's the mistake women make - you shouldn't see your makeup. We don't want to look like we've made an effort.

Tags: Effort, Mistake, Women

No one's raising children any more. To love a child, you've got to work for it. You have to change its diapers and feed it at night!

Tags: Change, Love, Work

I had 30-something years' experience in modeling, which is rare.

Tags: Experience, Modeling, Rare

A lot of modeling is how much crap you can take.

Tags: Crap, Modeling

Avedon wouldn't let me put wax between my teeth like I usually did.

Tags: Between, Put, Teeth

Eileen Ford wanted me to fix my nose and my teeth. I said, Sure, great, but I really had no intention to.

Tags: Great, Said, Wanted

I became a specialist at comedic one-liners.

Tags: Comedic, Specialist

I discovered myself!

Tags: Discovered

I don't spend much money on clothes; I never did.

Tags: Clothes, Money, Spend

I had always broken the rules.

Tags: Broken, Rules

I look at my first appointment book from 1965 and I get dizzy. I was constantly in a phone booth calling photographers.

Tags: Book, Calling, Phone

I was making $50 a week as a house model at Christian Dior for nine months before I learned that photographic models made $50 an hour!

Tags: Christian, Learned, Making

I'd like to be the first model who becomes a woman.

Tags: Becomes, Model, Woman

I'm not part of the cultural elite. I'm a down-home girl. Always have been, always will be.

Tags: Cultural, Elite, Girl

In 1974, the modeling world changed. Jerry Ford and my lawyer negotiated the deal for the first exclusive contract in modeling history.

Tags: Deal, History, Lawyer

Lord knows, I never want to waste any more of my time in mirrors.

Tags: Knows, Lord, Time

The last thing we need is yet another makeup company. Even I have a nervous breakdown when I go through the department store makeup floor.

Tags: Another, Company, Last

There are plenty of beautiful girls who don't photograph well.

Tags: Beautiful, Photograph, Plenty

We need a new religion.

Tags: Religion

Whatever tension is on set can end up on your face.

Tags: End, Face, Whatever

When I went back to modeling, nobody knew how to deal with a 46-year-old model!

Tags: Deal, Knew, Nobody
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