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Letters Quotes

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When an actor has money he doesn't send letters, he sends telegrams.

Tags: Actor, Money  ✍ Author: Anton Chekhov

So, I got a lot of recruitment letters from track.

Tags: Track  ✍ Author: Bo Jackson

I get letters from little girls begging me to adopt them.

Tags: Adopt, Begging  ✍ Author: Kim Kardashian

I like the storytelling and reading the letters, the long-distance dedications.

Tags: Reading  ✍ Author: Casey Kasem

Temple was a man of the world amongst men of letters, a man of letters amongst men of the world.

Tags: Men, Temple  ✍ Author: Rose Macaulay

Letters are expectation packaged in an envelope.

Tags: Envelope  ✍ Author: Shana Alexander

Aside from sales, the letters from readers have been primarily positive.

Tags: Aside, Positive  ✍ Author: Jean M. Auel

Most well-known serial killers have victims numbering in the dozens, have sent taunting letters to the police or have done bizarre things to the bodies.

Tags: Done, Police  ✍ Author: Olympia Brown

I don't write letters anymore.

Tags: Anymore, Write  ✍ Author: George H. W. Bush

My songs are just little letters to me.

Tags: Songs  ✍ Author: Ani DiFranco

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.

Tags: Love, Souls  ✍ Author: J. P. Donleavy

The letters from jail are always disconcerting.

Tags: Jail  ✍ Author: Eliza Dushku

When you make the kind of movies I make, you get weird letters from people.

Tags: Movies, Weird  ✍ Author: David Fincher

After reviewing the polygraph charts in private, the polygraph examiner told me that I had passed and that he believed I had nothing to do with the anthrax letters.

Tags: After, Private  ✍ Author: Steven Hatfill

I have had nothing to do in any way, shape or form with the mailing of these anthrax letters, and it is extremely wrong for anyone to contend or suggest that I have.

Tags: Anyone, Wrong  ✍ Author: Steven Hatfill

My most cherished possessions are my grandma's letters and my vintage Martha Washington cookbook.

Tags: Vintage, Washington  ✍ Author: Sandra Lee

I get letters. I get several a week, I think. A lot of people want a picture, a lot of people just want an autograph.

Tags: Picture, Week  ✍ Author: Elmore Leonard

When I was very little, we would get letters from China, in Chinese, and they' be censored. We were a very insular little family.

Tags: China, Family  ✍ Author: Maya Lin

He liked to go from A to B without inventing letters between.

Tags: Between, Liked  ✍ Author: John McPhee

I get about 25 letters a month, and I answer every one of them.

Tags: Answer, Month  ✍ Author: Mary Ann Mobley

I get a lot of letters from people.

 ✍ Author: George Osborne

No texting. What happens then? Good old-fashioned letters.

Tags: Good, Happens  ✍ Author: Lorene Scafaria
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When we did Dynasty, it was the clothes. I think the clothes affected every woman around the world. I got so many letters, I think we made the designer a millionaire!

Tags: Clothes, Woman  ✍ Author: Aaron Spelling

It's not the most intellectual job in the world, but I do have to know the letters.

Tags: Job  ✍ Author: Vanna White

When an actor has money, he doesn't send letters, but telegrams.

Tags: Actor, Money  ✍ Author: Charlotte Whitton

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