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Using MO to link crimes can be problematic.

Tags: Crimes, Using  ✍ Author: Olympia Brown

I can't find a person without some link to the armed forces!

Tags: Armed, Forces  ✍ Author: Kris Carr

One does not substitute oneself for the past, one merely adds to it a new link.

Tags: Oneself, Past  ✍ Author: Paul Cezanne

What comes from oneself, is nearly from no one. There is only me as a link.

Tags: Nearly, Oneself  ✍ Author: Amy Childs

I'm just another link in the chain.

Tags: Another, Chain  ✍ Author: Jeff Gordon

A list is only as strong as its weakest link.

Tags: List, Strong  ✍ Author: Donald Knuth

We deny and have always denied having the slightest link with al-Qaeda.

Tags: Denied, Deny  ✍ Author: Aslan Maskhadov

Vegetarianism is a link to perfection and peace.

Tags: Peace, Perfection  ✍ Author: River Phoenix

He is the king. If it hadn't been for Link Wray and 'Rumble,' I would have never picked up a guitar.

Tags: Guitar, King  ✍ Author: Pete Townshend

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