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Living Room Quotes

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Haven't you felt a peculiar sort of worry about the chair in your living room that no one sits in?

Tags: Felt, Living, Worry  ✍ Author: Nicholson Baker

I was half asleep lying there writing this lyric in my head at about 3:30 in the morning. I woke Steve up with this idea and then we went into the living room where there was a little upright piano and finished the song. I wonder where that piano is now?

Tags: Living, Morning, Writing  ✍ Author: Jim Capaldi

I'm a hard guy to live with. I'm like a caged animal. I'm up all night walking around the living room. It's hard for me to come down from what I do.

Tags: Hard, Living, Night  ✍ Author: Jim Carrey

I grew up with classical music blasting in my parents' living room and my older brother's practicing saxophone in his room listening to jazz... a beautiful chaos.

Tags: Beautiful, Music, Parents  ✍ Author: Josephine de La Baume

To me, the stage is like my living room, or my home, and when you come over to my house, I have to be a hostess and invite you in so that we can have a great time.

Tags: Great, Home, Time  ✍ Author: Sheila E.

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Living Room quote #2
Living Room quote #2
Living Room quote #2
Living Room quote #2

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