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Luis de Guindos's Quotes

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Born: 1960-01-16
Profession: Politician
Nation: Spanish
Biography of Luis de Guindos

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I don't know if we're on the edge of the precipice, but we're in a very, very, very difficult situation.

Tags: Difficult, Edge, Situation

In the medium and long term. Spain is solvent and able to pay its high debts. In the short-term, we have the capacity to meet our obligations.

Tags: Able, High, Pay

Let nobody be fooled, the next two quarters are not going to be easy either in terms of growth or employment.

Tags: Easy, Growth, Next

The battle of the euro is being fought right now in Spain and Italy. The future of the euro is at stake in the next weeks.

Tags: Battle, Future, Next

Those who have the most, who earn the most, must give an example, because that is important for Spain's collective effort.

Tags: Effort, Example, Give

We rule out raising taxes this year.

Tags: Rule, Taxes, Year

I don't think I've been too optimistic. The government believes the contraction will be around 1.5 per cent, as the central bank said. However, we're waiting to see the Commission estimate.

Tags: Government, Said, Waiting
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