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Mark Pincus's Quotes

Mark Pincus profile photo

Born: 1966-02-13
Profession: Businessman
Nation: American
Biography of Mark Pincus

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I've grown a lot, and I'm learning every week.

Tags: Grown, Learning, Week

Clearly as you move to being a public company, probably even more than growth, there is a huge value based on predictability.

Tags: Growth, Public, Value

I got involved early on in social media - I created one of the first social networks - and for me, social gaming was a natural evolution of that.

Tags: Media, Natural, Social

I need to aspire to be a great CEO and not just a great product engineer.

Tags: Aspire, Engineer, Great

I seek out a lot of advice from other CEOs.

Tags: Advice, Ceos, Seek

I think you're defined as a company by what you choose to do and what you choose not to do.

Tags: Choose, Company, Defined

I've been good at product entrepreneuring.

Tags: Good, Product

My approach is that you have to earn the respect of people you work with.

Tags: Approach, Respect, Work

Zynga made social gaming and play a worldwide phenomenon, and we remain the industry leader.

Tags: Industry, Leader, Social

From the beginning... I wanted to build a company that could sustain not for two years or four years or even ten years but be something that really matters over time the way Amazon and Google and others have.

Tags: Others, Time, Wanted

I like to bet on people, especially those who have taken risks and failed in some way, because they have more real-world experience. And they're humble.

Tags: Experience, Humble, Taken

I think we live in a unique time - the verbs that make up our online and mobile lives haven't been completely invented or imagined for us. That was kind of a life path I was on.

Tags: Life, Path, Time

People were hanging out in these places, and just like at cocktail parties, they needed something to do together. I thought, 'How can we fit games into someone's life?'

Tags: Life, Someone, Together

There are people who want the comfort and structure of a job where they're given tasks and told what to do. I think it's actually a minority of people. The majority of people don't want that, but I'd say that the companies I've built are full of people with something to prove.

Tags: Actually, Full, Job

You can manage 50 people through the strength of your personality and lack of sleep. You can touch them all in a week and make sure they're all pointed in the right direction.

Tags: Sleep, Strength, Sure

Every gift which is given, even though is be small, is in reality great, if it is given with affection.

Tags: Great, Reality

Not every truth is the better for showing its face undisguised; and often silence is the wisest thing for a man to heed.

Tags: Often, Silence, Truth

Great deeds give choice of many tales. Choose a slight tale, enrich it large, and then let wise men listen.

Tags: Great, Men, Wise

The test of any man lies in action.

Tags: Action, Lies, Test

Learn what you are and be such.

Tags: Learn

A graceful and honorable old age is the childhood of immortality.

Tags: Age, Childhood, Old

Seek not, my soul, the life of the immortals; but enjoy to the full the resources that are within thy reach.

Tags: Enjoy, Life, Soul

Even wisdom has to yield to self-interest.

Tags: Wisdom, Yield

Men are the dreams of a shadow.

Tags: Dreams, Men, Shadow

The best of healers is good cheer.

Tags: Best, Cheer, Good

The days that are still to come are the wisest witnesses.

Tags: Days, Wisest, Witnesses
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The present will not long endure.

Tags: Endure, Present

Whatever is beautiful is beautiful by necessity.

Tags: Beautiful, Necessity, Whatever
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