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Minister Quotes

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I thought I could do something different from any Conservative prime minister before me. But I couldn't.

Tags: Prime, Thought  ✍ Author: John Major

I am called repeatedly and insidiously prime and sole minister.

Tags: Prime, Repeatedly  ✍ Author: Robert Walpole

My grandmother was a minister as well, which was not that common in the 1930s.

Tags: Common  ✍ Author: Colin Firth

I realized during my time as a chaplain that I didn't want to be a minister.

Tags: Realized, Time  ✍ Author: John Green

You see, I was the son of a baptist minister.

Tags: Baptist, Son  ✍ Author: DeForest Kelley

I have never been bribed as a Prime Minister.

Tags: Prime  ✍ Author: Kamisese Mara

My dad was a Methodist minister.

Tags: Dad, Methodist  ✍ Author: George McGovern

It is even more damaging for a minister to say foolish things than to do them.

Tags: Damaging, Foolish  ✍ Author: Mary Lou Retton

No, I've never truly been a minister.

Tags: Truly  ✍ Author: Little Richard

I've been a minister and I know how cautious you have to be.

Tags: Cautious  ✍ Author: Thomas Watson, Jr.
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