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Mireille Mathieu's Quotes

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Born: 1946-07-22
Profession: Musician
Nation: French
Biography of Mireille Mathieu

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Music is the best way for me to say I love you.

Tags: Best, Love, Music

I arrive at the theatre four hours before the beginning of the performance. I must get accustomed to the hall even if I know it well.

Tags: Beginning, Four, Theatre

I was 4 years old when I sang in public for the very first time.

Tags: Old, Public, Time

It doesn't matter if you have a desperate heart when you have to sing about joy; it doesn't matter if you're scared to death when the lights go on.

Tags: Death, Heart, Joy

It is impossible to live without love. You must have the feeling of being loved.

Tags: Feeling, Impossible, Love

My songs always speak of love, that's the way I like them.

Tags: Love, Songs, Speak

The most remarkable moment is when you go out on the stage and you hear the applause of the audience!

Tags: Hear, Moment, Stage

There's the fatigue that you have to forget about, because the red curtain still has to rise.

Tags: Forget, Red, Rise

I find many drawbacks of myself. But, each time when I visit Lourdes, I receive a lesson of reconciliation. When you see ill people or invalids around, you realize that it is a sin to complain!

Tags: Complain, Realize, Time

In the life of a singer, it's not all triumphs and happy memories; there are days you have to go out there when it's the last thing you feel like doing.

Tags: Happy, Last, Life
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Mireille Mathieu's quote #5
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