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Mold Quotes

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God made me and broke the mold.

Tags: Broke, God  ✍ Author: Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I'm the mold that grunge was grown in.

Tags: Grown, Grunge  ✍ Author: Townes Van Zandt

People who don't fit the mold are treated differently than those who do.

Tags: Fit, Treated  ✍ Author: Carly Fiorina

Poetry uses the hub of a torque converter for a jello mold.

Tags: Hub, Poetry  ✍ Author: Malcolm Gladwell

I see myself in the mold of Rin Tin Tin. It didn't go to his head either.

Tags: Either, Head  ✍ Author: Al Gore

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Mold quote #2
Mold quote #2
Mold quote #2

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