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Monique Coleman's Quotes

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Born: 1980-11-13
Profession: Actress
Nation: American
Biography of Monique Coleman

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'High School Musical' is definitely the best thing that's happened to my career and I walked away with great friends from it.

Tags: Best, Great, School

I have a gajillion headbands - yellows, pinks, reds, blues. I'm obsessed.

Tags: Blues, Obsessed

I look like a child - and I love it!

Tags: Child, Love

I play so young because of my looks.

Tags: Looks, Young

I'm good in the kitchen. I can cook seafood, collard greens, black-eyed peas.

Tags: Cook, Good, Kitchen

In case of emergency, do whatever your best friends tell you to do!

Tags: Best, Friends, Tell

My character, Taylor McKessie, is a little bit brighter in the math and science department than I am... okay, a lot.

Tags: Bit, Character, Science

When I get recognized, every time feels like the first time.

Tags: Feels, Recognized, Time

You have to split, bend over backward, touch our toe to our heads to get recognized.

Tags: Bend, Recognized, Touch

As an African American actress, there are people who have been staples in my life that opened a door that I can walk through. I hope that I can have that impact.

Tags: American, Hope, Life

Dancing on 'Dancing With The Stars' really broadened my fan base. I jumped off the stage backwards one week, and so many women come up to me now and say, 'You're so brave. I can't believe you put yourself out there like that'. If that inspires some girl out there, then great, because boys aren't the only ones who get to have fun. We get to have fun too.

Tags: Fun, Great, Women

I love the idea that somebody is going to compare me to my character or think that I am like my character when they see me. I feel like that is a role that I am willing to fulfill.

Tags: Character, Idea, Love

I think it is important for girls to see movies where it is not all just about 'the boy' or it's simply being about 'the relationship' or 'Am I pretty enough?' or 'Am I cute enough?'.

Tags: Enough, Movies, Pretty

I was babysitting the night High School Musical premiered last year. I watched with the kids and we sang along to the lyrics. I was making $12 an hour.

Tags: Kids, Night, School

I've been in the shallow end of a pool, just kind of walking around, but this was my first time really swimming - and I was horrified! I actually lost it whenever I saw the edge of the pool. But I took baby steps and rewarded myself every step of the way.

Tags: End, Lost, Time
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