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Nag Quotes

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I want to go to Heaven, and I don't want to come back. I don't wanna come back and be a baby, and be a teenager again. Oh my God, no! No, I don't want to be a teenager again. It's too awkward.

Tags: Again, Baby, God  ✍ Author: Steven Adler

When I was a teenager, my idol was the Dutch footballer Johan Cruyff. He's the only person I've ever asked for an autograph.

Tags: Asked, Idol, Teenager  ✍ Author: Ferran Adria

I get offered a lot of the same type of thing... The teenage slasher movies.

Tags: Movies, Offered, Teenage  ✍ Author: Casey Affleck

Theatre director: a person engaged by the management to conceal the fact that the players cannot act.

Tags: Cannot, Fact, Theatre  ✍ Author: James Agate

My father was a general manager with Hyatt, so we lived in the hotel so he would be close by if there were any problems. My mum was always adamant about us not abusing it. So I still had to clean my room. Housekeeping would never come and do it.

Tags: Father, General, Problems  ✍ Author: Dianna Agron

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Nag quote #2
Nag quote #2
Nag quote #2

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