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Navjot Singh Sidhu's Quotes

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Born: 1963-10-20
Profession: Entertainer
Nation: Indian
Biography of Navjot Singh Sidhu

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The Indians are finding the gaps like a pin in a haystack.

Tags: Finding, Indians, Pin

You got to choose between tightening your belt or losing your pants.

Tags: Between, Choose, Losing

Nobody travels on the road to success without a puncture or two.

Tags: Nobody, Road, Success

Experience is like a comb that life gives you when you are bald.

Tags: Bald, Experience, Life

Anybody can pilot a ship when the sea is calm.

Tags: Anybody, Calm, Sea

There is light at the end of the tunnel for India, but it's that of an oncoming train which will run them over.

Tags: End, Light, Run

Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And venture belongs to the adventurous.

Tags: Belongs, Gained, Venture

After marriage, the other man's wife looks more beautiful.

Tags: Beautiful, Marriage, Wife

Wickets are like wives. You never know what to expect from them.

Tags: Expect, Wickets, Wives

One who doesn't throw the dice can never expect to score a six.

Tags: Expect, Six, Throw

We'll take the cake with the red cherry on top.

Tags: Birthday, Cake, Top

Beware of the naked man who offers you his shirt.

Tags: Beware, Offers, Shirt

A revolutionary idea is usually one with its sleeves rolled up.

Tags: Idea, Sleeves

I have seen many ladies displaying different styles and different styles displaying ladies.

Tags: Ladies, Seen, Styles

Age has been the perfect fire extinguisher for flaming youth.

Tags: Age, Fire, Perfect

We are all Adam's children - it's just the skin that makes all the difference.

Tags: Children, Difference, Makes

When you are dining with a demon, you got to have a long spoon.

Tags: Demon, Dining, Spoon

If the heavens throw you dates, you got to keep your mouth open.

Tags: Keep, Mouth, Open

You can't play a symphony alone, it takes an orchestra to play it.

Tags: Alone, Orchestra, Takes

A fallen lighthouse is more dangerous than a reef.

Tags: Dangerous, Fallen, Lighthouse

It's like the brooding hen sitting over a china egg.

Tags: China, Egg, Sitting

The third umpires should be changed as often as nappies and for the same reason.

Tags: Changed, Often, Reason

Even a cock crows over his own dunghill.

Tags: Crows
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He will fight a rattlesnake and give it the first two bites too.

Tags: Bites, Fight, Give

I am a sepoy and will follow the guidance of my leaders.

Tags: Follow, Guidance, Leaders

The ball whizzes past like a bumblebee and the Indians are in the sea.

Tags: Ball, Past, Sea

The cat with gloves catches no mice.

Tags: Cat, Gloves, Mice
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