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I need to be looking at what's important in North Carolina, and you better believe that's what I will do.

Tags: Carolina, Looking  ✍ Author: Kay Hagan

I discovered that the people of the North are different and there's no way you can make a person from the North similar to a Southerner. They're two different worlds.

Tags: Discovered, Worlds  ✍ Author: Esa-Pekka Salonen

The humiliation of the North is complete and overwhelming.

Tags: Complete  ✍ Author: Benjamin F. Wade

Mongolia would like to extend its relationship with North Korea.

Tags: Extend, Korea  ✍ Author: Carol Alt

I live in Hamburg; that's in the north. And I live on the outskirts of town. It looks like countryside.

Tags: Looks, Town  ✍ Author: Cornelia Funke

In America the most widespread type of forest is the evergreen coniferous woodland of the north.

Tags: America, Forest  ✍ Author: Collis Potter Huntington

I grew up in North Carolina, and I grew up on wrestling.

Tags: Carolina, Wrestling  ✍ Author: Ken Jeong

I'm not sure you can do anything quickly or easily with the North.

Tags: Easily, Sure  ✍ Author: George Reisman

I've been to North Africa many times.

Tags: Africa, Times  ✍ Author: Martin Scorsese

All of North Korea is a jail.

Tags: Jail, Korea  ✍ Author: Kim Young-sam

In my heart, I'm an Alabaman who went up north to work.

Tags: Heart, Work  ✍ Author: E. O. Wilson

If it's enough money, I'll play the North Pole.

Tags: Enough, Money  ✍ Author: Teddy Wilson

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