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Paul Robeson's Quotes

Paul Robeson profile photo

Born: 1970-01-01
Profession: Actor
Nation: American
Biography of Paul Robeson

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As an artist I come to sing, but as a citizen, I will always speak for peace, and no one can silence me in this.

Tags: Peace, Silence, Speak

I do not hesitate one second to state clearly and unmistakably: I belong to the American resistance movement which fights against American imperialism, just as the resistance movement fought against Hitler.

Tags: Against, American, State

In fact, because of this deep desire for peace, the ruling class leaders of this land, from 1945 on, stepped up the hysteria and propaganda to drive into American minds the false notion that danger threatened them from the East.

Tags: American, Deep, Peace

This United States Government should go down to Mississippi and protect my people. That is what should happen.

Tags: Government, Happen, United

I know that if the peace movement takes its message boldly to the Negro people a powerful force can be secured in pursuit of the greatest goal of all mankind. And the same is true of labor and the great democratic sections of our population.

Tags: Great, Peace, Powerful

In Russia I felt for the first time like a full human being. No color prejudice like in Mississippi, no color prejudice like in Washington. It was the first time I felt like a human being.

Tags: Color, Human, Time

Why should the Negroes ever fight against the only nations of the world where racial discrimination is prohibited, and where the people can live freely? Never! I can assure you, they will never fight against either the Soviet Union or the peoples' democracies.

Tags: Against, Fight, Why

Could I say that the reason that I am here today, you know, from the mouth of the State Department itself, is: I should not be allowed to travel because I have struggled for years for the independence of the colonial peoples of Africa.

Tags: Reason, Today, Travel

But the deep desire for peace remained with the American people.

Tags: American, Deep, Peace

Yes, peace can and must be won, to save the world from the terrible destruction of World War III.

Tags: Peace, War, Won

You know I am an actor, and I have medals for diction.

Tags: Actor, Diction, Medals

And at home in the United States we found continued and increased persecution, first of leaders of the Communist Party, and then of all honest anti-fascists.

Tags: Found, Home, Honest

And, gentlemen, they have not yet done so, and it is quite clear that no Americans, no people in the world probably, are going to war with the Soviet Union.

Tags: Done, Union, War

Four hundred million in India, and millions everywhere, have told you, precisely, that the colored people are not going to die for anybody: they are going to die for their independence.

Tags: Anybody, Die, Four

I said it was my feeling that the American people would struggle for peace, and that has since been underscored by the President of these United States.

Tags: Feeling, Peace, Struggle

Like any other people, like fathers, mothers, sons and daughters in every land, when the issue of peace or war has been put squarely to the American people, they have registered for peace.

Tags: Peace, Put, War

The other reason that I am here today, again from the State Department and from the court record of the court of appeals, is that when I am abroad I speak out against the injustices against the Negro people of this land.

Tags: Here, Reason, Today

You want to shut up every Negro who has the courage to stand up and fight for the rights of his people, for the rights of workers, and I have been on many a picket line for the steelworkers too.

Tags: Courage, Fight, Stand

At every step the vast majority have expressed horror at the idea of an aggressive war.

Tags: Idea, Step, War

I did a long concert tour in England and Denmark and Sweden, and I also sang for the Soviet people, one of the finest musical audiences in the world.

Tags: England, Musical, Tour
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The Korean war has always been an unpopular war among the American people.

Tags: American, Among, War

We must join with the tens of millions all over the world who see in peace our most sacred responsibility.

Tags: Join, Millions, Peace

My mother was born in your state, Mr. Walter, and my mother was a Quaker, and my ancestors in the time of Washington baked bread for George Washington's troops when they crossed the Delaware, and my own father was a slave.

Tags: Father, Mother, Time

This is the basis, and I am not being tried for whether I am a Communist, I am being tried for fighting for the rights of my people, who are still second-class citizens in this United States of America.

Tags: America, Fighting, Rights

Through the years I have received my share of recognition for efforts in the fields of sports, the arts, the struggle for full citizenship for the Negro people, labor's rights and the fight for peace.

Tags: Peace, Sports, Struggle
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