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Pen Quotes

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Inflated descriptions by the pen or exaggerated illustrations by the pencil.

Tags: Inflated, Pencil  ✍ Author: Grace Darling

People still think of me as a cartoonist, but the only thing I lift a pen or pencil for these days is to sign a contract, a check, or an autograph.

Tags: Days, Sign  ✍ Author: Walt Disney

The pen is mightier than the sword, and considerably easier to write with.

Tags: Sword, Write  ✍ Author: Marty Feldman

The pen is mightier than the sword, and is considerably easier to write with.

Tags: Sword, Write  ✍ Author: Marty Feldman

I am a man-pen. I feel through the pen, because of the pen.

 ✍ Author: Gustave Flaubert

The pen is the tongue of the mind.

Tags: Mind, Tongue  ✍ Author: Lou Holtz

I live in a small world of gouache and brush and pen and ink. I'd like to explore the world of multiples - etching and prints.

Tags: Explore, Small  ✍ Author: Mindy Kaling

A writer uses a pen instead of a scalpel or blow torch.

Tags: Blow, Writer  ✍ Author: Michael Ondaatje

The pen is mightier than the sword if the sword is very short, and the pen is very sharp.

Tags: Short, Sword  ✍ Author: Terry Pratchett

To be a novelist, all I need is a pen and a piece of paper.

Tags: Paper, Piece  ✍ Author: Quentin Tarantino

Caesar had perished from the world of men, had not his sword been rescued by his pen.

Tags: Men, Sword  ✍ Author: Henry Vaughan

To hold a pen is to be at war.

Tags: Hold, War  ✍ Author: Voltaire

The pen is mightier than the sword.

Tags: Mightier, Sword  ✍ Author: Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton

I still draw a lot though. Ballpoint pen is my preferred medium.

Tags: Draw, Though  ✍ Author: Mackenzie Crook

I don't use a pen. I write with a goose quill dipped in venom.

Tags: Goose, Write  ✍ Author: Rachel Dratch

Before I could even hold a pen I was singing.

Tags: Hold, Singing  ✍ Author: Melanie Fiona

I would not be able to pen an academic and dry diatribe. I have too much talent for that.

Tags: Able, Talent  ✍ Author: Theo Van Gogh

The strokes of the pen need deliberation as much as the sword needs swiftness.

Tags: Needs, Sword  ✍ Author: Julia Ward Howe

I am not afraid of the pen, or the scaffold, or the sword.

Tags: Afraid, Sword  ✍ Author: Mary Harris Jones

When once the itch of literature comes over a man, nothing can cure it but the scratching of a pen. But if you have not a pen, I suppose you must scratch any way you can.

Tags: Literature, Once  ✍ Author: Samuel Lover

Being attached to America these days is like being in a pen with a wounded bull.

Tags: America, Days  ✍ Author: Rick Mercer

I pick up my pen. It flows. A building appears. There it is. There is nothing more to say.

Tags: Building, Pick  ✍ Author: Oscar Niemeyer

There is something magical in seeing what you can do, what texture and tone and colour you can produce merely with a pen point and a bottle of ink.

Tags: Point, Seeing  ✍ Author: Denise Van Outen

There is no lighter burden, nor more agreeable, than a pen.

Tags: Burden, Nor  ✍ Author: Petrarch

I have, before now, waited for a pen to perform a macro.

Tags: Perform, Waited  ✍ Author: Terry Prachett

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