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Probation Quotes

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Alien - an American sovereign in his probationary state.

Tags: Alien, American, State  ✍ Author: Ambrose Bierce

Mankind are divided into sects, and individuals think very differently on religious subjects, from the purest motives; and that gracious common Parent, who loves all his children alike, beholds with approbation every one who worships him in sincerity.

Tags: Children, Him, Parent  ✍ Author: Joseph Lancaster

The Cross is the approbation of our existence, not in words, but in an act so completely radical that it caused God to become flesh and pierced this flesh to the quick; that, to God, it was worth the death of his incarnate Son.

Tags: Death, God, Words  ✍ Author: Joseph Ratzinger

The chief difference between words and deeds is that words are always intended for men for their approbation, but deeds can be done only for God.

Tags: Done, God, Men  ✍ Author: Leo Tolstoy

I have no other view than to promote the public good, and am unambitious of honors not founded in the approbation of my Country.

Tags: Country, Good, Public  ✍ Author: George Washington

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