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Ranchers Quotes

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You talk to the farmers, the ranchers, our small community bankers, and boy, one of the No. 1 issues is the regulations coming out of Washington.

Tags: Community, Small, Talk  ✍ Author: Steve Daines

Montana's ranchers raise the best cattle in the world. If Taco Bell needs to beef up, they can give their customers the highest quality meat around by using Montana beef, and in the process, supporting agriculture jobs in Montana.

Tags: Best, Give, Process  ✍ Author: Jon Tester

Ranchers need clean water for their stock, farmers need it for their crops, every employer needs it to stay in business, and every living thing needs it for life... The law needs to be clear to protect water quality and the rights of landowners.

Tags: Business, Law, Life  ✍ Author: Mark Udall

There are a lot of farmers and ranchers who are struggling. I get on my knees every day. If I had a rain prayer or a rain dance I could do, I would do it.

Tags: Dance, Prayer, Rain  ✍ Author: Tom Vilsack

In the past 40 years, the United States lost more than a million farmers and ranchers. Many of our farmers are aging. Today, only nine percent of family farm income comes from farming, and more and more of our farmers are looking elsewhere for their primary source of income.

Tags: Family, Past, Today  ✍ Author: Tom Vilsack

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