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Rare Occasions Quotes

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The American people have a right to know on the rare occasions in which their money is used to invest in private operations, if you will, take bets on capitalism, that is very well vetted, very well thought out and without political interference.

Tags: Money, Political, Thought  ✍ Author: Darrell Issa

On the rare occasions I go to the gym, I prefer silence.

Tags: Gym, Rare, Silence  ✍ Author: Bebe Neuwirth

Can advertising foist an inferior product on the consumer? Bitter experience has taught me that it cannot. On those rare occasions when I have advertised products which consumer tests have found inferior to other products in the same field, the results have been disastrous.

Tags: Cannot, Experience, Found  ✍ Author: David Ogilvy

On rare occasions one does hear of a miraculous case of a married couple falling in love after marriage, but on close examination it will be found that it is a mere adjustment to the inevitable.

Tags: After, Love, Marriage  ✍ Author: Emma Goldman

The market is incredibly inefficient and capable on rare occasions of being utterly dysfunctional. And people have a really hard time getting their brain around that fact. They want to believe that it's approximately efficient almost all the time, and it simply isn't true.

Tags: Hard, Time, True  ✍ Author: Ulysses S. Grant

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Rare Occasions quote #2
Rare Occasions quote #2
Rare Occasions quote #2
Rare Occasions quote #2
Rare Occasions quote #2
Rare Occasions quote #2

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