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Recording Session Quotes

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I began hearing rumors of apossible recording session with Neil Young. I was a huge fan of Neil's.

Tags: Fan, Rumors, Young  ✍ Author: Jack Irons

Originally a record producer more or less hired a bunch of professionals to participate in a recording session, the performers and the technicians, and a music director was put in charge. That directly related to a film producer's job.

Tags: Job, Music, Put  ✍ Author: Tony Visconti

Recording sessions were stimulating to photograph, because everything was in motion: the subject, the musicians, the technicians and the photographer. You needed fast reflexes to keep up with moving targets, and sensitivity and skill to get the pictures while keeping out of the performers' eyeline so as not to break their concentration.

Tags: Keep, Moving, While  ✍ Author: Eve Arnold

When working with an orchestra, you never spend more than 20 minutes per recording session.

Tags: Minutes, Spend, Working  ✍ Author: Placido Domingo

You make sure that there's a structure that's interesting for them to play on top of, then do temp versions and try it on the film. By the time the players come to the recording session, I've found what works. So I'm not wasting their time.

Tags: Film, Time, Try  ✍ Author: Mike Figgis

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Recording Session quote #2
Recording Session quote #2
Recording Session quote #2
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