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Roger Andrew Taylor's Quotes

Roger Andrew Taylor profile photo

Born: 1960-04-26
Profession: Musician
Nation: English
Biography of Roger Andrew Taylor

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I like Target. I like the ones in the Midwest, personally. We don't really have those in England yet.

Tags: England, Midwest, Target

It's a nonstop schedule, really. I had lost myself somewhere.

Tags: Lost, Schedule, Somewhere

It's amazing to see places like Madison Square Garden on the schedule again.

Tags: Again, Amazing, Places

Seven and the Ragged Tiger took six months to record and finish.

Tags: Months, Six, Took

Some people even went off to form another band, Power Station.

Tags: Another, Off, Power

Sometimes the problem is not the people in the band, but the people around the band.

Tags: Band, Problem, Sometimes

We still seem to trigger that intensity in people, which was quite incredible.

Tags: Incredible, Quite, Seem

We're very lucky to be able to go back and reclaim something that was a very special part of all our lives.

Tags: Able, Lives, Special

As Andy says, being in this band in the early 1980s made you feel like you were part of a pizza. We were always one of the band, one of Duran Duran, or one of the Taylors.

Tags: Band, Early, Says

At some of the venues, the audience was so loud we could hardly hear what was happening on stage, which kind of threw us back to 1983, when we had very similar reactions on a much bigger scale.

Tags: Audience, Hear, Stage

Everybody was on the same page. Nobody has really gone out there on a different musical journey. When we got back together again, we all wanted to do the same kind of music.

Tags: Music, Together, Wanted

I guess when we were up against it, we knew this album was going to be compared to all the classic early material, because it was going back to the original five.

Tags: Against, Early, Knew

I lived a normal life for a number of years. I had kids. I lived up on a farm in Gloucestershire in rural England, and just kind of got back to reality again.

Tags: Again, Life, Reality

I slowly started to drift back into music again. I finally got the call from John... about getting the band back together again. It was so out of the blue. I almost thought that the moment had passed.

Tags: Music, Thought, Together

I was burned out. I think I was just exhausted. It was a very intense five years. We didn't stop. It was constant touring, constant writing, recording.

Tags: Five, Stop, Writing

It was great fun. We had gone on tour in between the sessions and reconnected with the audience and got a lot of energy back from them, a lot of positive energy.

Tags: Fun, Great, Positive

Nick and Simon had come to a natural end of their working relationship with Warren, which obviously opened the door for a reunion of the original five.

Tags: Door, End, Working

The bar was very high-we had to really make sure that we got what we really wanted, that it was a real finished album. We weren't going to give up until we got that.

Tags: Give, Real, Wanted

When you're in a band that's so big when you're young, you kind of lose your identity a little bit. You just become part of the band. I just needed to get away from it.

Tags: Become, Big, Young

You never know how you're going to be received, after all this time. The initial response we had was just overwhelming, particularly that tour of the States.

Tags: After, Time, Tour
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