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Salespeople Quotes

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I've known entrepreneurs who were not great salespeople, or didn't know how to code, or were not particularly charismatic leaders. But I don't know of any entrepreneurs who have achieved any level of success without persistence and determination.

Tags: Great, Leaders, Success  ✍ Author: Connie Mack

I've always taught that a poor economy is the best opportunity for salespeople because the naysayers and grumblers have already given up, leaving more territory, more opportunities to be successful than in a good economy when virtually all salespeople are out there, giving it their best.

Tags: Best, Good, Successful  ✍ Author: Zig Ziglar

Qualified software engineers, managers, marketers and salespeople in Silicon Valley can rack up dozens of high-paying, high-upside job offers any time they want, while national unemployment and underemployment is sky high.

Tags: Job, Time, While  ✍ Author: Marc Andreessen

I think because both of my parents were essentially salespeople, and Italian-Americans, I always seemed to get along with people; I had a knack of finding something to talk about.

Tags: Both, Parents, Talk  ✍ Author: Edward Coke

It was always my practice to train salespeople under my direct supervision, and to treat children with the utmost consideration.

Tags: Children, Practice, Treat  ✍ Author: James Cash Penney

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Salespeople quote #2
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