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Samuel Schmid's Quotes

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Born: 1947-01-08
Profession: Politician
Nation: Swiss
Biography of Samuel Schmid

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Switzerland is part of the fight against terrorism. There is no neutrality against this threat.

Tags: Against, Fight, Terrorism

The desire for security must be balanced with our regard for liberty.

Tags: Desire, Liberty, Security

There was the joke about Switzerland being an island surrounded by land. This was never true.

Tags: Joke, Land, True

Yale is a crucible in American life for the accommodation of intellectual achievement, of wisdom, of refinement, with the democratic ideals of openness, of social justice and of equal opportunity.

Tags: Justice, Life, Wisdom
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Samuel Schmid's quote #2
Samuel Schmid's quote #2
Samuel Schmid's quote #2
Samuel Schmid's quote #2
Samuel Schmid's quote #2
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