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Sierra Club Quotes

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That area environmentally is a waste. You can't do anything. I don't care if the Sierra Club goes out there. It is fully polluted! You're not only going to work to clean up the environment, but also you will put people to work.

Tags: Care, Put, Work  ✍ Author: Richard M. Daley

The Sierra Club is a very good and a very powerful force for conservation and, as a matter of fact, has grown faster since I left than it was growing while I was there! It must be doing something right.

Tags: Good, Matter, Powerful  ✍ Author: David R. Brower

I sort of kept my hand in writing and went to work for the Sierra Club in '52, walked the plank there in '69, founded Friends of the Earth and the League of Conservation Voters after that.

Tags: Friends, Work, Writing  ✍ Author: David R. Brower

The Sierra Club in the United States has now really come out for population control and reduction.

Tags: Control, Population, United  ✍ Author: Susan George

By law, super PACs are required to disclose their donors. There are groups that have never had to disclose their donors, non-profits such as the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood, the NAACP, and the NRA. If you want more disclosure, super PACs are a step forward.

Tags: Forward, Law, Step  ✍ Author: Betty Smith

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Sierra Club quote #2
Sierra Club quote #2
Sierra Club quote #2
Sierra Club quote #2
Sierra Club quote #2

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