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Sonia Johnson's Quotes

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Born: 1936-02-27
Profession: Activist
Nation: American
Biography of Sonia Johnson

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A friend said to me, 'Be glad for your troubles - they strengthen you.' Well, if that's the truth, I'm going to be so strong they'll have to beat me to death!

Tags: Death, Strong, Truth

What we have most to fear is failure of the heart.

Tags: Failure, Fear, Heart

What we resist persists.

Tags: Persists, Resist

We must remember that one determined person can make a significant difference, and that a small group of determined people can change the course of history.

Tags: Change, History, Remember

I came from the most orthodox background you could ask for.

Tags: Ask, Background, Orthodox

I still feel Mormon. Those men in Salt Lake City can't decide who's Mormon and who isn't.

Tags: City, Decide, Men

I'm one of the few people in this world who can do anything I choose. I can't tell you how good I'm feeling.

Tags: Feeling, Good, Tell

In our home we grew up thinking we were Mormons first and human beings second.

Tags: Home, Human, Thinking

It's only when we have nothing else to hold onto that we're willing to try something very audacious and scary.

Tags: Else, Hold, Try

The mid-life crisis hits men harder than women.

Tags: Crisis, Men, Women

Women have to risk civil disobedience for their rights.

Tags: Rights, Risk, Women

I liked the name of the amendment. I couldn't help feeling uneasy that the church was opposing something with a name as beautiful as the Equal Rights Amendment.

Tags: Beautiful, Feeling, Help

Obviously, the anti-ERA people are tickled about my ordeal because it proves that the ERA breaks up families. When they point out that feminism is a dangerous thing, I just say marriage is pretty precarious too.

Tags: Dangerous, Marriage, Pretty
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